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Trust information

Last updated 25 May 2022

Instructions to complete the information that identifies the trust in the tax return.

Attachments to the tax return

If these instructions ask you to provide additional information, attach the additional information to the tax return and print X in the Yes box at Have you attached any ‘other attachments’? at the top of page 1 of the tax return.

If you have not attached any documents to your completed tax return, print X in the No box.

Tax file number (TFN)

Print the TFN of the trust in the boxes provided.

Name of trust

Print the name of the trust in the boxes provided. The trust name should be consistent from year to year, except in the year of a name change.

If the name of the trust has legally changed, you need to advise us in writing or over the phone before you lodge the trust tax return.

Australian business number (ABN)

Print the ABN of the trust in the boxes provided if the trust is registered in the Australian Business Register.

The ABN is a unique business identifierExternal Link used in dealings with government. To be entitled to an ABN the entity must be in business. Any income earned under an ABN must be reported in the trust tax return.

Previous name of trust, current and previous postal address

Print as shown on the last trust tax return lodged the:

  • previous name of the trust (if applicable)
  • current postal address
  • postal address on previous tax return (if applicable).

Use C/– when ‘care of’ is part of an address. It is the only acceptable format. Using any other term will delay the processing of the tax return.

Full name of the trustee to whom notices should be sent

Print the surname or family name and given names of the trustee to whom notices should be sent. If the trustee is a company, print the name and ABN of the company.

If the trust comprises the property of a bankrupt and the estate is being administered by the Official Receiver, print OFFICIAL TRUSTEE IN BANKRUPTCY in the box provided for the company name. Leave the individual name box blank.

Daytime contact phone number

Print a phone number that the trustee can be contacted during business hours.

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