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Last updated 5 October 2009

For more information on this restructure:

For more information about the tax implications of owning shares, see the following publications:

  • You and your shares 2004-05 (NAT 2632-6.2004) - this publication is for individuals investing in shares or convertible notes and offers guidance on the taxation of dividends from investments, allowable deductions from dividend income and record keeping requirements for investors.
  • Guide to capital gains tax 2004-05 (NAT 4151-6.2004) - this publication explains how capital gains tax works and will help you to calculate your net capital gain or net capital loss.
  • Personal investors guide to capital gains tax 2004-05 (NAT 4152-6.2004) - shorter than the Guide to capital gains tax 2004-05, this publication covers the sale, gift or other disposal of shares or units, distribution of gains from managed funds and non-assessable payments from companies or managed funds.
    It does not cover CGT consequences for bonus shares, shares acquired under an employee share scheme, bonus units, rights and options, and shares and units where a takeover or demerger has occurred - for information on these CGT issues, you will need to refer to the Guide to capital gains tax 2004-05.

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