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You and your shares 2024

Information on income you declare, deductions and credits you can claim, and records you need to keep.

Published 30 May 2024

Find out who should use this guide and what's new for individual investors.

Information about basic concepts relating to you and your shares.

Information about dividends, distributions and tax on amounts you receive.

Information about when you are and are not entitled to claim a franking tax offset.

Expenses that may be deductible when you incur certain expenditure in deriving income from shares.

Information about dividends paid or credited by non-resident companies or to non-resident shareholders.

Information about claiming franking credits attached to a partnership or trust distribution.

Information about the shares held in joint names, with another person or as a custodian on behalf of a minor.

Information for if you bought shares in a company that goes into liquidation, been taken over or merged with another.

Information about your rights and options.

Information about the different types of share warrants.

Information about off-market share buy-backs and dividends.

Information about the type of records and how long to keep them for share investments.

Information about Division 7A and private company transactions treated as dividends.

Information about Division 7A and trust loans, payments and forgiven debts treated as dividends.

Information about the sale or disposal of company bonds and convertible notes.