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  • After you make a claim

    The following information details what happens after you make a claim.

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    Claim decision process

    We aim to send you written acknowledgement of your compensation claim within seven business days of receiving it. Where possible we will give you the name and contact details of the person managing your claim.

    For straightforward claims, once you give us all the necessary information to support your claim, we aim to give you our decision within 56 days.

    For more complex claims, we aim to give you our preliminary view within 56 days. You can then comment on our view.

    We may take longer to investigate and consider some claims with complicated facts or that extend over long periods of time. In these cases, we will contact you about an extended date for our decision.

    If you did not give us all the information to make a decision, we will contact you to discuss what information you may be able to provide.

    Any other dispute resolution processes you are involved in need to be resolved before we will consider your claim. This includes:

    • court or tribunal action
    • an active complaint with the Inspector-General of Taxation.

    Receiving payment

    If your claim is successful, we will transfer the payment electronically into your nominated bank account.

    If you're unsure whether the payment is taxable, you can contact us or a registered tax professional.

    Reviewing our decision

    We offer internal review if you can provide new and relevant information or contentions to support your claim. Information about internal review is on your compensation decision letter.

    Inspector-General of Taxation

    The Inspector-General of Taxation can investigate most complaints related to tax administration. This includes the handling of compensation claims. The Inspector-General has no power to overturn or vary our decision but may make recommendations to us about how we handled the claim.

    You can contact them via the Inspector-General of TaxationExternal Link website or by phone on 1300 448 829.

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