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  • Section F: Warehouse details

    Question 8

    Indicate if you have completed the Integrated Cargo System (ICS) registration process. You need to be registered in ICS to receive a customs warehouse licence. Registration must have been completed using the ABN provided in this application at question 2. If you are not registered, contact the Australian Customs and Border Protection Service to arrange ICS registration before completing and lodging this application.

    For information about how to register in the ICS, visit the Australian Customs and Border Protection Service cargo support web page at Link

    Question 9

    If you are applying for a new warehouse licence, indicate if you, or any of the people nominated as being in management or control of the warehouse, have previous experience in the operation of a customs warehouse. If you indicate 'Yes', provide a brief outline of that previous experience.

    Note: If you run out of space on the form, attach a separate piece of paper.

    Question 10

    Indicate the following:

    • the type and quantity of goods that will be stored in the warehouse
    • the estimated maximum duty and GST liabilities for the goods that will be stored at any one time
    • the estimated annual amount of duty and GST liabilities for goods that will pass through and be stored in a normal year's trading.

    If you anticipate variable storage levels, provide an average annual amount based on your expected liability during the next five years.

    Note: If the application does not indicate that tobacco, alcohol or fuel and petroleum products will be stored, any licence granted will exclude these goods.

    Question 11

    Indicate if the licence holder will be the owner of all the goods stored, or if goods will be stored on behalf of one or more other parties. If the licence holder will not be the owner of the goods, provide the name of the owners and their ABNs if known.

    Question 12

    Indicate the specific activities that are proposed to be undertaken in the warehouse in relation to each type of good that will be stored in the warehouse.

    Depending on the types of goods to be stored, these activities may include:

    • storage
    • blending
    • repacking
    • unpacking
    • reducing
    • packaging
    • minor reassembly of goods which have been disassembled for transport
    • attaching motor vehicle compliance plates
    • decanting to fixed bulk storage
    • weighing, sampling, gauging and measuring
    • restoring goods to the condition they were in before importation, including removing protective coatings.

    Question 13

    Indicate if you want to store either duty paid or duty-free goods or both in the warehouse. Duty paid or duty-free goods cannot be received into the licensed warehouse without our special authority.

    Your record-keeping system must be able to distinguish between the underbond goods and duty paid or duty-free goods in your warehouse. If your record keeping cannot do this, you may have to keep either duty paid or duty-free goods or both in a separate designated area.

    Question 14

    If you intend to repack alcohol, tobacco or fuel and petroleum products, you should provide additional information here.

    If you intend to reduce or blend alcohol, you should also provide additional information here.

    Question 15

    Indicate the following:

    • if you will be storing excisable goods
    • if you will be using EEGs in the manufacture of excisable goods
    • if you are manufacturing goods, a description of the products you will manufacture
    • the amount of goods you will produce in one year
    • if you are manufacturing alcohol, the proposed alcohol strength
    • if you are licensed to manufacture excisable goods
    • if the warehouse will be used solely for the manufacture of excisable goods using EEGs.

    You must have a separate licence from us to store excisable goods or to use EEGs in the manufacture of excisable goods. If you do not have the required licence you will need to contact us to obtain this licence. If you already have an excise licence that allows you to manufacture excisable goods, you need to provide us with the Excise establishment number for this site.

    Question 16

    Indicate if you have a certified quality management system. If 'Yes', provide the details of the standard you are using.

    Question 17

    Indicate if you have warehouse procedures for the operations that are planned to take place within the warehouse. If 'Yes' provide details. We can request that your warehouse procedures be made available to us as part of our assessment of your application.

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