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  • Section G: Customs duty payment details

    Question 18

    Indicate if you will be responsible for paying customs duty or lodging Nature 30 (N30) Import Declarations when goods are entered for home consumption. If 'Yes' then choose one of the two options:

    • select 'Consider me for periodic payments' if you would like us to consider if you are eligible to pay customs duty and lodge N30 returns on a periodic basis after goods have been delivered for home consumption
    • select 'Payment before clearance' if you will be paying customs duty or lodging N30 import declarations before the delivery of the goods for home consumption.

    Note: Granting periodic settlement permissions normally requires you to have a satisfactory history of having paid the correct duty on time. You may have to provide a financial security before permission is granted.

    Question 19

    Indicate if you have commercial insurance that includes an amount to cover any customs duty payable in the event of theft or loss.

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