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  • Category C: Reportable transactions or events

    You have a material category C RTP that you must disclose if all of the following apply:

    • you have a CGT event during your 2015–16 income year
    • your capital proceeds from the CGT event exceed A$200 million
    • your accounting outcome and tax outcome from the CGT event are covered by an item in table 1 immediately below
    • the difference between your accounting outcome and your tax outcome covered by an item in table 1 below exceeds your materiality amount.
    Table 1: Accounting and tax outcomes


    Accounting outcome

    For accounting purposes…

    Tax outcome

    And for tax purposes…


    You make a profit.



    You make a loss.

    You make an adjusted capital loss that is more than twice your loss.


    You do not make a profit or a loss.

    You make an adjusted capital loss.

    Where you have related CGT events, you must apply the above as if the related CGT events were one CGT event. This means for each related CGT event you aggregate the:

    You do not aggregate CGT events that are not related – each CGT event or group of related CGT events must be separately disclosed.

    You have to disclose all material category C RTPs.

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