• How do I claim a deduction?

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    Send your completed notice to your super fund. Do not send it to us.

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    Your super fund will give you an acknowledgment of a valid notice. Once your notice of intent to claim a deduction has been acknowledged, you cannot revoke or withdraw it, but you can apply to reduce it, within certain timeframes.


    To claim a deduction for your contribution you must give your super fund a valid notice of your intent to claim a deduction, in the approved form, on or before the day you lodge your income tax return (or the end of the next income year, whichever occurs first), and the fund must have given you acknowledgment of the receipt of the notice.

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    Once you have lodged your tax return you cannot apply to vary the amount you are claiming as a deduction, unless we have disallowed your claim for the deduction.

    Last modified: 19 Nov 2014QC 19310