•  When should I complete this notice?

    Your super fund may request the information in this notice as part of another form. If they do not request this information, use this notice to advise them of your intent to claim a deduction.

    You must give a notice of intent to claim a deduction to your super fund on or before whichever of the following days occurs earliest – either:

    • the day you lodge your income tax return for the year in which the contributions were made
    • the last day of the income year after the income year in which you made the contributions.

    You can apply to vary a previous valid notice of intent if:

    • you have not yet lodged your income tax return and it is on or before 30 June in the financial year following the year you made the contribution , or
    • we have disallowed your claim for a deduction and you are applying to reduce the amount claimed as a deduction by the amount that we have disallowed.

    You must either make your contribution to your super fund before you give your notice of intent or send your contribution to your super fund with your notice of intent.

    To claim a deduction for your contribution you must have given your super fund a valid notice of your intent to claim a deduction, in the approved form, on or before the day you lodge your income tax return or the end of the next income year, whichever occurs first. The fund must have given you an acknowledgment that they have received the notice, but this acknowledgment does not have to be received in the stated timeframes for giving your notice of intent.

    Last modified: 19 Nov 2014QC 19310