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  • N Total contributions

    Did you write any contributions at A to M above for this member?


    Write 0 at N. Go to Other transactions questions.


    Read on.

    Write at N the total of all the contributions for this member that you wrote at A to M:

    • A Employer contributions
    • B Personal contributions
    • C CGT small business retirement exemption
    • D CGT small business 15-year exemption amount
    • E Personal injury election
    • F Spouse and child contributions
    • G Other third party contributions
    • I Assessable foreign superannuation fund amount
    • J Non-assessable foreign superannuation fund amount
    • K Transfer from reserve: assessable amount
    • L Transfers from reserve: non-assessable amount
    • T Contributions from non-complying funds and previously non-complying funds
    • M Any other contributions.
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