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  • Accessing files sent by ATO

    We may send investment bodies the following files through the file transfer function:

    • corrected TFN/ABN return file in response to a Quarterly TFN/ABN report lodgment
    • corrected TFN/ABN return file in response to an Annual investment income report (AIIR) lodgment.

    You should download files promptly as they will be archived periodically.

    Your organisation may be required to act on the data within a specific time.

    Find out about:

    How to access a file

    To download or see details of a file that we've sent:

    • in portals – select File transfer File status in the left menu
    • in Online services for agents – select Reports and Forms, then File transfer  
      • all files tested or lodged by your organisation, or sent to your organisation, will be listed            
      • files that have previously been downloaded will have a status of Sent by ATO
      • files that have not previously been downloaded will have a status of Sent by ATO – new.
    • download the file and process it into your software as you normally do.


    If you have permission to lodge a file type (for example, AIIR) you will automatically be permitted to download associated response files (for example, Corrected TFN/ABN report).

    Access to files sent by the ATO that are not directly related to a lodgment is managed by the appropriate View permission set in Access Manager.

    Notification emails

    When a file is made available, you'll be notified by email if your organisation has chosen this option. The email will be sent to the email address specified when a file was last submitted to be tested or lodged.

    Member contributions statement – Outcome of lodgment report

    The Outcome of lodgment report (OOLR) sent in response to Member contributions statement (MCS) lodgments will continue to be sent via the electronic commerce interface (ECI). It will be made available through the file transfer function at a future time.

    The MCS OOLR will not generate a notification in our portal.

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