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Support for individuals and employees

Access a range of information to support you if you have been affected by COVID-19.

Claiming expenses for working from home during COVID-19.

The tax consequences for payments you receive if you take leave, are stood down or lose your job because of COVID-19.

Due to COVID-19, some new circumstances affect tax outcomes for residential rental properties.

Find COVID-19 related guidance on who must lodge a tax return, how to work out if residency status has changed, whether income is Australian sourced and double-tax agreement implications.

An employer may provide different kinds of COVID-19 vaccination incentives and rewards for tax purposes.

How you're taxed on a 408 Pandemic event visa will depend on your residency and previous visas.

Find out about the tax implications of any government grant or payment you receive as a result of COVID 19.

Deductions for items that protect you from the real and likely risk of illness or injury while working.

Deductions if you pay for a COVID-19 test for a work-related purpose.