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Deductions you can claim

Find out which expenses you can claim as income tax deductions and work out the amount to claim.

How to claim income tax deductions for work-related expenses and other expenses, and record your deductions.

Deductions for car, transport and travel expenses you incur in the course of your work.

Deductions for tools, computers, internet, stationery, books and other items you use for work.

Deductions for clothes, glasses, protective gear and other items you wear at work.

Deductions for expenses you incur to work from home such as stationery, energy and office equipment.

Deductions for self-education, conferences and training. You can't claim children's school fees or care.

Deductions for union fees, professional memberships, working with children check, agency fees and commissions.

Deductions for meals, snacks, overtime meals, entertainment and functions.

Deductions for medical assessments, vaccinations, COVID-19 tests, gym fees, cosmetics and personal grooming.

Deductions for gifts or donations you make to deductible gift recipients, and the records you need.

Deductions for investment expenses, income protection insurance, personal super contributions and foreign pensions.

Deduction for expenses to manage your tax affairs, such as lodging with a registered agent.

Income and allowances to declare and the expenses you can claim a deduction for in your occupation or industry.