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Income you must declare

Work out which income you need to declare in your tax return, such as employment, government and investment income.

Last updated 25 April 2023

Income from working such as wages, allowances, lump sum payments, cash and tips, reportable fringe benefits and super.

Check if you need to declare foreign income and pay tax, the tax you pay depends on your residency for tax purposes.

When to declare taxable and tax-free government payments, pensions and allowances in your tax return.

Work out which investment income you must declare, such as interest, dividends, rental income or other capital gains.

Find out about declaring income in your tax return from superannuation pensions or annuities.

How to declare income you earn as a sole trader, as a partner in a partnership or from a trust.

Check if you need to declare and pay tax on compensation and insurance payments, including settlements.

What to declare in your tax return and tax you pay on scholarships, prizes and awards.

If you're under 18 years old (a minor), special rules apply to income you earn and you may pay tax at a higher rate.

Income you receive may be taxable, assessable, exempt, or non-assessable non-exempt – find out if you need to report it.

Amounts that you earn or receive that you don't need to declare as income.