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Investments and assets

Find out about the tax implications for your investments and assets, including properties, shares and crypto assets.

If you own a residential rental property, find out about keeping records, declaring income and claiming expenses.

Find out about deductions and tax implications if you own a holiday home.

Find out the tax treatment and if you can claim deductions for holding, selling or subdividing vacant land.

Check the income you need to declare and tax implications if you invest in bank accounts and income bonds.

Find out about the tax implications when obtaining, owning and disposing of shares, including receiving dividends.

How to treat investments in crypto assets (also called crypto or cryptocurrency) for tax purposes in Australia.

Check the income to declare, when to report a loss, and deductions you can claim for managed investment trusts.

Check which records to keep to help you report your investment income accurately and claim deductions.

If you are a foreign resident, check the tax implications for interest, unfranked dividends, and royalties you earn.

If you are a foreign tax resident, Australian financial institutions will identify and report your accounts to us.

How to calculate capital gains tax (CGT) on your assets, assets that are affected, and the CGT discount.

What to do if you are a foreign person investing in Australian assets.

Our resource for anyone earning money from their investments, whether you invest in property, shares or crypto assets.

Check if you need to declare foreign income and pay tax, the tax you pay depends on your residency for tax purposes.