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Shares and similar investments

Find out what can trigger a CGT event, such as selling shares or receiving certain distributions.

Last updated 17 June 2024

Find out which things trigger CGT, such as selling shares or receiving certain distributions.

How to identify which shares you have sold, when you acquired them, and the records you need.

Work out if you are investing or trading in shares, and the difference it makes to your tax.

Find out what triggers a claimable loss on shares and units, and how you claim it in your tax return.

How your tax is affected if you sell your shares back to the company.

How tax applies to your dividend if you use it to buy more shares from the same company.

Find out if you should defer your gain or loss when a corporate group demerges.

Find out if you're entitled to a tax deduction from a listed investment company that includes a LIC capital gain amount.

Check if you can realise a capital loss on shares or investments in a company in liquidation or administration.

Unit trusts often make non-assessable payments to unit holder.