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Alerts for changes made to SMSF information

What you need to know about our self-managed super fund (SMSF) alerts.

Last updated 27 November 2022


To safeguard your retirement savings and reduce the risk of fraud and misconduct, we'll send you an email or text message alert (or both) when:

  • a super fund verifies your details before a rollover to an SMSF
  • you register a new SMSF
  • you change your existing SMSF's
    • financial institution account details
    • electronic service address (ESA)
    • authorised contact
    • members. 

The alert will also issue if these changes are made via your SMSF annual return.

If you did not authorise or know about the changes outlined in an alert we've sent to you, there are actions you should take.

Rollover alerts

We'll send you an alert when a super fund uses the SMSF verification service (SVS) to verify an SMSF's details, with the intent to roll your super benefits into that SMSF. Funds may use this service multiple times for a single rollover request, so you may receive multiple alerts.

If you receive an alert and:

  • are aware of the rollover request, there is nothing you need to do
  • didn't request a rollover or more information is required, contact your existing super fund immediately – rollovers through SuperStream may be processed in only 3 business days.

Alerts for SMSF changes

If you're not aware of a new SMSF registered in your name, or changes made to your existing SMSF as described in an alert we've sent you, contact:

  • the other trustees or directors of the corporate trustee of your SMSF
  • other representatives authorised to make changes to your SMSF, such as your tax agent.

If you're concerned an SMSF has been established or changes have been made to your existing SMSF incorrectly or without your knowledge, phone us on 13 10 20 between 8:00am and 6:00pm, Monday to Friday. Ensure you have your tax file number (TFN) or Australian business number (ABN) ready to establish your identity before you phone us.

We may contact you by text or email. But we will never ask you to reply by text or email or provide personal information such as your TFN or your personal bank account number or BSB.

Ensure your email and mobile phone details are up to date with us so that you receive our alerts and we can contact you. We take the security of your personal information seriously.