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Our approach to valuations

Last updated 3 November 2022

If you follow this guide, we'll generally accept the valuation provided.

We may review a valuation as part of our compliance processes. As part of this review, you may be asked to provide evidence of the valuation method that has been used to allow us to decide whether to accept the valuation or not. This evidence would include documentation of the valuation method used.

We'll generally accept your determination of an asset's value, as long as:

  • it doesn't conflict with this guide or Market valuation for tax purposes
  • there's no evidence that a different value was used for the corresponding capital gains tax event
  • it was based on objective and supportable data.

If we conclude that the most appropriate valuation method has not been used for any of the assets, it will not be accepted and the most appropriate valuation method will be applied to determine an amended value.