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Sources of data

About the main source of data for our analysis and statistics.

Last updated 24 February 2022

The main source of data is 2019–20 SMSF annual returns that have been lodged.

Where SMSF annual returns are outstanding, we use statistically valid formulas to estimate results. As outstanding returns are received, we revise and update results, therefore some figures may change in future releases of this statistical overview.

In addition to 2019–20 annual return data, we have included 2020–21 information for the following:

  • registrations
  • wind-ups
  • total populations (SMSFs and members) and demographic data relating to those populations, such as age and management structure
  • estimated total SMSF assets and asset allocation
  • auditor contravention reports (ACRs).

To ensure consistency, where figures have been used in the Self-managed super fund quarterly statistical report – June 2021, those same figures are used in this report.

In this report, to address feedback about the way we calculate SMSF investment performance (return on assets (ROA)), we have now applied a revised approach to this calculation based on the recommendations made by an independent researcher provider. The updated methodology can be found in the Glossary.

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