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Self-managed super fund quarterly statistical report – March 2023

Statistical report for the self-managed super fund market for the period up to March 2023.

Last updated 21 May 2023

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We publish quarterly statistical reports for the SMSF market. We take valuable feedback from the superannuation industry into account.

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Self-managed super fund quarterly statistical report – March 2023External Link

What's included in the report

This report includes:

  • SMSF population and asset allocation tables
    • population of SMSFs and members
    • asset allocation (break-up of assets into various classes)
  • annual SMSF population analysis tables
    • asset allocation by asset value of the fund
    • membership sizes (SMSFs with one, 2, 3 or 4 members)
    • fund demographics (state break-up of SMSFs, members and assets)
    • member demographics (age, gender and income of members)
    • total asset ranges (distribution of SMSFs by the asset size of SMSFs and the assets held)
    • average and median assets per member and per SMSF
    • flow of funds (contributions, transfers, benefits and expenses)
  • SMSF quarterly establishment tables
    • new funds by state/territory
    • age and gender of new members
    • income range of new members

Historical data and our annual publication

Several tables no longer report data prior to 2017. To access this data, see historical data.

We produce an annual SMSF statistical publication. The latest is Self-managed super funds: a statistical overview 2020-21.