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Sale of property

We may send you a letter if we think you haven't reported sales of properties on your activity statements.

Last updated 1 February 2021

We regularly receive data relating to the purchase and sale of properties from state and territory revenue and titles offices around Australia.

Where property transfers are made by businesses, they are potentially taxable, and we match this information against what has been reported on activity statements.

We may contact you if you're running an enterprise and sold property but didn't include it in your activity statement.

Our letter will include details of the property or properties sold:


Sold date

Sale amount



$ amount



$ amount

What to do

We are asking you to review your records and revise the activity statements for the period the sales occurred, without penalty, by the date specified on the letter.

If everything is correct, you can:

If you email us, be aware that the internet isn't a secure environment and we can’t guarantee the privacy and security of personal information.

Your tax or BAS agent can also assist if needed.

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