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Our commitment to you in resolving your dispute

Our commitment to improve your experience when handling your dispute, what we do and related information.

Last updated 3 May 2023

Our service commitment

Objections and Review is committed to improving your experience when dealing with us. We recognise that when disputes are not managed well, the effects can be long-lasting and costly for everyone.

This ‘Service Commitment’ sets out the way Objections and Review will manage and resolve disputes with you. In the context of this ‘Service Commitment’, a dispute refers to an objection, a review by the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT) or an appeal to a Court.

What we do

When you have a dispute, Objections and Review will:

  • treat you fairly and with respect
  • contact you and actively listen and understand your views, and any different perspectives regarding the application of the law and your circumstances
  • deal with the issue in a timely manner, seeking to understand and accommodate any issues of commercial urgency where possible
  • keep you or your representative informed of progress with your objection
  • ensure we act objectively and exercise judgment to make decisions that provide fair and reasonable outcomes, all within the context of the rule of law
  • discuss with you the options available to resolve the disagreement or dispute, including opportunities for settlement or alternative dispute resolution, such as in-house facilitation
  • talk to you before making an adverse decision and explain our thinking, including any reasons for not accepting your contentions
  • explain our obligations to act as a model litigant.

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