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Panel discussion on dispute resolution

Watch David Koch and experts share insights into dealing with tax disputes and answer questions on dispute resolution.

Last updated 3 May 2023

Panel members

The panel includes:

  • ATO Assistant Commissioner Debbie Hastings
  • Tania Sourdin, Professor of Law and Dispute Resolution at Monash University
  • Hayden Fox, respected disputes practitioner
  • Ashley King, a leading tax controversy advisor and Partner at PWC.

Introduction to dispute resolution

David Koch and the panel of experts share insights into dealing with tax disputes, the benefits of resolving disputes early and how the process has changed over the years.

Media: Panel discussion: Introduction to dispute resolution Link (Duration: 10:09)

Dispute resolution options

Debbie Hastings talks through the new dispute resolution options offered by the ATO and the other panellists weigh in on the time and cost implications of disputes and how early dispute resolution can reduce those impacts.

Media: Panel discussion: Dispute resolution options Link (Duration: 13:28)

Fairness of the dispute resolution process

The expert panellists explore the importance of fairness and perceived fairness in resolving disputes. Tania Sourdin shares insights into surveys on fairness of the process.

Media: Panel discussion: Fairness of the dispute resolution process Link (Duration: 14:15)

Your questions answered

The panellists answer your questions on how to get the best outcome in a tax dispute, whether the ATO is genuine about dispute resolution, whether taxpayers can engage in the process without an advisor and whether the new dispute resolution processes are quicker.

Media: Panel discussion: Your questions answered Link (Duration: 13:26)