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Pre-filling your online tax return

When you lodge online with myTax, we pre-fill your return with information we already have.

Last updated 30 May 2023

How we get information for pre-fill

Pre-filling can make doing your tax return easier and more accurate. You can also upload your records from the myDeductions tool into your tax return. Pre-fill information comes from:

  • employers, superannuation funds and government agencies
  • health funds, banks and share registries
  • records you upload to myDeductions tool in the ATO app
  • our systems, including details from your previous tax returns and current tax account status.

From 1 July 2022, bank interest data that we have high confidence in will require you to add an adjustment reason before you can make changes in myTax.

How much information we can pre-fill depends on when we receive the information from those organisations and when you lodge your return.

Pre-fill information is usually available within a couple of days of it being reported to us.

Most information is sent to us by late July but many organisations send us their information much earlier.

You can use the pre-fill availability page to check if we've received information from the organisations that you receive income.

You can also start your myTax returnThis link opens in a new window to see what pre-fill information is ready.


In the ATO app myDeductions is a record-keeping tool that makes it easier for you to keep track of your records digitally.

Watch: A quick demonstration of myDeductions

This video shows how easy it is to keep your records using myDeductions.

Media: A quick demonstration of myDeductions Link (Duration: 01:22)

Sole traders with simple affairs can also use it to help keep track of their business income and expenses.

You can upload your completed records directly to myTax from the myDeductions tool in the ATO app. If you use a registered tax agent, you also can email your records directly to them.

The myDeductions tool allows you to keep your records digitally in one place during the income year for:

  • all work-related expenses (including motor vehicle trips)
  • interest and dividend deductions
  • gifts or donations
  • costs of managing tax affairs
  • sole trader expenses and business income
  • other deductions.

Before you finalise your return

Always check your pre-fill information against your own records. You should correct the pre-filled information if you have more up-to-date information.

If you believe the pre-fill information is wrong, contact the organisation that provided the information to resolve any differences before lodging your return.

For example, if we pre-fill $24 interest from your bank but your own records show you only received $12, query this with your bank – it's possible they recorded your account in one name, when it's actually a joint account.

If there is an error in the organisation's records, they must send us the correct information.

If we identify data that doesn't match, we may seek clarification from you.