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Cost of managing tax affairs

How to claim the cost of managing tax affairs when you lodge your return using myTax.

Last updated 12 June 2014

The cost of managing your tax affairs includes:

  • preparing and lodging your tax return and activity statements
  • fees paid to a recognised tax adviser for preparing and lodging your tax return
  • travel to obtain tax advice from a recognised tax adviser
  • buying tax reference material
  • dealing with us about your tax affairs
  • appeals made to the Administrative Appeals Tribunal or courts in relation to your tax affairs
  • an interest charge we imposed on you.

You can also claim any costs you incurred in complying with your legal obligations relating to another person’s tax affairs.

You cannot claim:

  • the cost of tax advice given by a person who is not a recognised tax adviser
  • a deduction for tax shortfall and other penalties for failing to meet your obligations.

You must read question D10 if you need more information or want to claim a deduction for an interest charge we imposed on you.

A list of registered tax agents can be found at Link or you can check with the Tax Practitioners Board on 1300 362 829.

Completing your tax return

Add up the costs of managing your tax affairs.

  1. Click on 'add expense'.
  2. Enter your description.
  3. Enter the total.
  4. Click on 'Save'.
Instructions on completing your individual tax return using myTax.