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myTax 2014 eligibility

These instructions help you determine if you are eligible to use myTax.

Last updated 12 October 2015

You must be eligible to use this service

MyTax could be ideal for you if:

  • you were an Australian resident for tax purposes from 1 July 2013 to 30 June 2014
  • your only income was from salary and wages, allowances, bank interest, dividends and/or Australian Government payments
  • your only deductions are for work-related expenses, expenses relating to income from interest or dividends, gifts and donations and/or the cost of managing your own tax affairs
  • your only tax offsets are the Seniors and pensioners tax offset, the zone and overseas forces tax offset and/or the private health insurance rebate.

You are not eligible to use myTax 2014 if any of the following applied to you during the 2013-14 financial year.

You had:

  • business income or loss, including as an independent contractor
  • rental property
  • distribution from a partnership or trust, including a managed investment trust
  • capital gain or loss
  • foreign income
  • lump sum payment
  • a discount on an employee share scheme
  • superannuation income stream
  • superannuation lump sum payment
  • employment termination payment
  • deductions for personal superannuation contributions
  • dividend deductions greater than dividend income
  • tax-free government pension or payment
  • you paid child support
  • credit for interest on early payments.

You are also not eligible to use myTax 2014 if you had a spouse (married or de facto) and any of the following applied:

  • You made superannuation contributions on their behalf.
  • Your spouse had foreign income.
  • Your spouse received a superannuation lump sum with a taxed element and it was paid on or after their 55th birthday and before their 60th birthday.
  • Your spouse paid child support to a third party.

You are not eligible to use myTax 2014 if your income less than $48,516 and both the following applied:

  • You made a personal super contribution.
  • You had joint income (eg. a joint bank account).

You are also not eligible to use myTax 2014 if you were entitled to any of the following tax offsets:

  • Spouse (without dependent child or student)
  • Net medical expenses
  • Dependent (invalid and carer).

You are not eligible to use myTax 2014 if you either:

  • became an Australian resident during 2013-14 or
  • stopped being an Australian resident during 2013-14.

If you are not eligible to use this service, you can complete a paper tax return or use a registered tax agent.

If you are eligible to use myTax, you can Lodge online.

Instructions on completing your individual tax return using myTax.