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Saving, lodging and printing

Questions about saving and submitting your tax return.

Last updated 24 March 2024

Can I save and come back to myTax?

You can temporarily save your myTax return for a period of up to 28 days by selecting the save and exit button at the bottom of any screen. This saves your return to the device you are using.

To access your saved return:

  1. Log in to ATO Online services using the same device and browser you used previously. This is because your return has been saved locally to this device. You cannot access your saved return from any other device.
  2. Select Lodge your 2014 tax return online
  3. You will be provided with the option of resuming your myTax return or restarting.

If you resume your myTax return you return to the place you were when you last saved and exited. Your return will contain all the information previously pre-filled, changed and manually entered. No additional information will automatically pre-fill for you when you resume, but you can manually enter more information.

After saving and exiting you can only resume using myTax on the same device you started on. So if you start myTax on your home computer, you cannot resume using it on your work computer, or on your mobile phone or tablet.

You will not be able to resume your previous version of myTax if you wait more than 28 days. You will have to start your myTax return again. MyTax can be temporarily saved multiple times, as long as you resume each time before 28 days elapse. Your pre-filled information will only update if you start a new myTax return.

I cannot find my saved tax return

You will not be able to find or resume your previous version of myTax if you wait more than 28 days or are trying to access it on another device. You will have to start your myTax return again.

If you do start a new myTax return, the information that pre-fills for you will be the most up to date information.

Can I save on my tablet and then continue on my desktop computer?

No. After saving and exiting your return you can’t resume using myTax unless you use the same device. For example, if you start myTax on your tablet you cannot resume using it on your computer, or on your mobile phone or a different tablet. You can however, start a new myTax return on a different device if you want.

How do I know I have lodged successfully?

After you select the 'submit' button you will receive a 'Receipt' screen confirming that your tax return has successfully lodged. The screen gives you an ATO receipt number, an estimate of your refund or amount owing, and your only opportunity to save or print your myTax return. Keep a copy of your receipt number for future reference.

Print and save a copy of your myTax return

You have only one opportunity to print or save a copy of your lodged return from the 'Receipt' screen. You will not be able to access your lodged return once you exit this page.

Select the link to 'view a copy of your tax return'. From here you can save or print your myTax return.

To save a copy using a mobile device, use the settings and functions particular to your device. You may need to use the screen capture facility if your device is not connected to a printer or able to save the file.

What happens after I submit my return?

Your myTax return is submitted for processing. After we've processed your tax return, we'll mail you your notice of assessment. This will confirm the amount of refund we have deposited into your bank account or the amount you have to pay. There may be scenarios where the amount of your estimate differs from the amount on the notice of assessment. These are outlined here.

Most refunds are issued within 12 business days. You can check the progress of your return online here.

If you have a tax debt your notice of assessment will contain information about how to pay.

I have lodged but didn't save or print a copy of my tax return

You can’t access your submitted tax return from your device after you exit the myTax Receipt screen unless you saved a copy first.

If required, you or your authorised representative, can request copies of tax returns from us.

Where do I put my other income that doesn't fit in myTax?

MyTax is designed for people with straightforward tax affairs, and does not accommodate all types of income, deductions and tax offsets. If you have circumstances that don’t appear to be accommodated by myTax you can use e-tax.

I have lodged on e-tax or paper but not received my assessment yet. Can I lodge on myTax to get it quicker?

No. Once you have lodged your return you can’t lodge it again.