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System-related questions

Last updated 12 June 2014

Can I use myTax from work/library/café, etc?

Yes. If you are eligible to use myTax, you can log into myGovExternal Link and lodge your return from any device.

For your own security, if you are using a public computer or device, ensure you do not save your myTax return to the device.

Like e-tax, do I have to use a laptop or personal computer?

No, you can use myTax on a tablet, smartphone or any computer.

How is myTax different to e-tax?

Fewer screens

MyTax is much shorter (10 main screens) and easier to complete. It has limited income, deductions and tax offsets.

E-tax includes all the labels in a tax return to cater for individuals with even the most complex tax affairs, so it can appear to be quite lengthy and complex.

Fully online product

MyTax is fully online and able to be used on a tablet, smartphone or any computer.

E-tax needs to be downloaded and installed and can only be used on a PC or Mac.

Is my information secure when using myTax?

Yes. Our online services provide you with an interactive and secure way to access information, services and functions. Find out more at Online security.

What are the system requirements for myTax?

There are no special system requirements for myTax as it is accessed online and does not have to be downloaded. As long as you have access to the internet, myTax can be used from any computer, tablet or smart phone.

You may experience issues if you are using Internet Explorer 8 or an earlier version. We suggest you update your browser to a newer version.

Is myTax accessible/ suitable for the vision impaired?

Yes. Vision impaired customers can use myTax as it has been designed to be compatible with Jaws and Window Eyes Professional screen reader applications.

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Instructions on completing your individual tax return using myTax.