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Salary or wages

How to complete the Salary or wages section in myTax.

Last updated 12 June 2014

We may have pre-filled your return with payment summary information provided to us. Check for any salary or wages you received that are not pre filled and ensure you add them.

Salary or wages includes income from any of the following:

  • salary and wages
  • commissions
  • bonuses
  • income from part-time or casual work
  • parental leave pay
  • Dad and Partner Pay
  • amounts for lost salary or wages paid under
    • an income protection policy
    • a sickness or accident insurance policy, or
    • a workers compensation scheme.

You should also include any other payments from working such as:

  • employment allowances - for example, car, travel, meals, entertainment, tools, clothing, laundry and site allowances
  • tips, gratuities
  • consultation fees
  • payments for voluntary and other services.

Answering this question

You need your PAYG payment summary – individual non-business, and any other comparable statements. Ask your employer or payer for a summary or statement if you did not receive one.

Completing your tax return

1. Select the button labelled 'Salary or wage'

2. Using your payment summary or other statement enter the following information:

  • the payer's name
  • the payer's Australian business number (ABN) or withholding payer number
  • the 'Total tax withheld'
  • the gross payment amounts
  • any CDEP (Community development employment payments)
  • any reportable fringe benefits amount
  • any reportable employer superannuation contributions
  • any allowances
    • include here any employment allowances and other employment type income that has not been pre-filled to your return, such as tips, consultation fees, commissions, casual job income, income protection, sickness and accident insurance policy payments and payments for voluntary or other services
  • any workplace giving amounts
  • any union or professional association fees.

3. Click on 'Save'.

4. Click on 'add payment summary' to enter the details for each additional payment summary or other payment.