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Last updated 18 June 2015

Is myTax still self-assessment?

Yes, myTax is still self-assessment. Under the self-assessment system, you take responsibility for declaring all of your income and for all your claims for deductions and tax offsets when you sign your tax return. This includes when you sign it using an electronic signature.

If we pre-fill your tax return with information provided to us by your employer or other organisations, you are also taking responsibility for the correctness of that information when you sign your return.

We will issue a notice of assessment to you, usually without adjustment. However, your return may still be subject to review.

If you become aware that your tax return is incorrect, you need to request an amendment by logging in to our online servicesExternal Link.

We match the information you include in myTax against the information provided to us

We routinely match information to identify discrepancies between what is on your tax return and the information provided to us by employers and other organisations.

If the information that we pre-fill into your return is different to your statements and records, you should follow this up with your employer or the organisation that provided the information to us. They may need to report amended information to us.

Will you be penalised if something is missing?

If we detect errors after we have issued your notice of assessment, we will contact you and may issue an amended assessment. You will be obliged to repay any tax owing, and any interest and penalties we may impose.

If you make an honest mistake when following our information in myTax and you owe us money as a result, we will not charge you a penalty. However, you must pay the money owed, and we may also charge you interest. If correcting the mistake means we owe you money, we will pay it and pay you any interest you are entitled to.

If you voluntarily disclose mistakes in your return, we will take that into consideration in deciding what interest and penalties to impose.