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Net primary production

Complete this section if you have business income and expenses from primary production activities.

Last updated 5 March 2024

Primary production activities are described in Information for primary producers 2017.

Completing this section

Watch our video for a demonstration on how to complete the business section in myTax.

You will need the primary production worksheet if you are a primary producer to determine some of the amounts in this section. Complete this worksheet before proceeding.

  1. If you received the following payment summaries, enter the details in the Business payment summaries section.        
    • PAYG payment summary – business and personal services income where the payment type is:        
      • voluntary agreement
      • labour-hire payment
      • other specified payments.
    • PAYG payment summary – withholding where ABN not quoted

Income and tax withheld amounts from these payment summaries will be transferred to this section if they relate to primary production business activities. Add, alter or delete these amounts in the Business payment summaries section.

  1. Select Net primary production to expand the section.
  2. Enter your total primary production government industry payments received at assessable government industry payments. See Assessable government industry payments for further information.
  3. See Income and Other business income to calculate the amount of other primary production business income or loss you enter at Other business income.
  4. See Expenses to calculate your primary production business expenses and enter the amounts into the corresponding fields.
  5. See Reconciliation items and enter the amounts related to your primary production business activities into the corresponding fields.
  6. Select Save.