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myTax 2017 Private health insurance

How to report your private health insurance information in your return using myTax.

Last updated 27 August 2017

We have pre-filled your tax return with private health insurance policy details provided to us. Check for additional policies you held that are not pre-filled and ensure you add them.

If you were covered as a dependent child on a family policy, use the information shown on the statement for that policy.

Completing this section

Note: If you are an overseas visitor, for more information and instructions on how to complete the Medicare levy surcharge and this section, see Overseas visitors.

You will need a statement from your registered health insurer. If you did not receive a statement, contact your insurer. Your tax return may be delayed if you do not use your statement and the private health insurance details you provide are incorrect.

If you had more than one private health insurance policy, complete the following steps for each policy.

  1. At Private health insurance policies, select Add.
  2. Select the Health insurer ID, shown at B on your statement.
  3. Enter your Membership number, shown at C on your statement.

For each policy, complete the following steps for each line of information on your statement.

  1. At Policy details, select Add.
  2. Select your Tax claim code. We may have pre-filled the tax claim code for you based on your last year's tax return.
    For more information, see Working out your tax claim code.
    If you selected the following tax claim codes, you do not need to enter any other information for that line. Go to step 10.
    E – Your spouse is claiming your share of the rebate.
    F – You were covered as a dependent child on a private health insurance policy.
  3. Enter Your premiums eligible for Australian Government rebate, shown at J on your statement. Do not show a percentage.
  4. Enter Your Australian Government rebate received, shown at K on your statement. Do not show a percentage.
  5. Select the Benefit code, shown at L on your statement.
  6. If you had a spouse on 30 June 2017 and the Tax claim code you selected is C, answer the question Do you want to claim your spouse's share?
    If Yes, your spouse's share will be automatically completed with tax claim code D.
  7. Select Save.