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myTax 2018 Invalid and invalid carer

How to claim the invalid and invalid carer tax offset when you lodge your return using myTax.

Last updated 27 June 2018

You may be entitled to a tax offset for an income year if you maintain certain people who are 16 years or older and who receive particular government payments.

This offset is available in limited circumstances.

You may qualify for this offset if you maintained:

  • your spouse who was an invalid or cared for an invalid,
  • your or your spouse's parent, who lived in Australia and who was an invalid or cared for an invalid, or
  • your or your spouse's invalid child aged 16 years or older, or brother or sister aged 16 years or older.

For more information, see Eligibility for this offset.

Completing this section

Before you complete this section, you should include all your income and deductions in your return.

  1. You must use the Work it out button to calculate the amount you can claim in your tax return.
  2. Select Save and continue when you have completed the Offsets section.


  • If you change any income or deductions in your return, select the Work it out button again to update the calculated offset amount.
  • If you want to know how we work out the offset amount you can claim, see Working out your claim.

Use these following questions to establish your eligibility for this offset.

This guide shows you how we calculate invalid and invalid carer tax offset for you using the information you provided.

This page explains definitions of child, maintaining another person, spouse and adjusted taxable income (ATI).