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Can't remove a selection?

Last updated 6 March 2023

Where we make a selection for you, it is based on the information:

  • provided to us by various organisations including employers/payers, financial institutions and other government departments
  • we have on our records, such as from :  
    • your last year's tax return
    • your uploaded data from the ATO app's myDeductions tool
    • the Depreciation and capital allowances tool or the Personal services income decision tool.

You will not be able to remove the selection but can delete any pre-filled information that is not relevant to you from the Prepare return screen.

If we make a selection for you but you believe it does not apply to you, it may be because the information was provided to us incorrectly or you may not be aware of how the payment was made to you.

Example - Business income statement/payment summary

The Business/Sole trader income or loss may be pre-selected if you received payments made:

  • under a voluntary agreement
  • under a labour-hire arrangement, or
  • that are other specific payments.

Whilst you may think you are not in business or a sole trader, the payment was made as business and personal services income instead of employment income, which is what you might have expected. You should review the pre-filled information on the Prepare return screen and make any necessary adjustments (if required). If you believe the payment was made incorrectly, contact the payer so they can update their records and provide us with correct information.

End of example