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Completing your tax return

Complete the total income or loss section of your tax return.

Last updated 28 June 2011

Go to Total income or loss on page 3 of your tax return.

Step 1

Check that you have shown all your income.

Step 2

Add up all the amounts in the right-hand column of items 1 to 12 on pages 2-3 of your tax return.

Step 3

If below item 12 on your tax return you have no amount at I go to step 4, otherwise read on. If the amount at I is a loss you take it away from your total from step 2, otherwise add the amount at I to your total from step 2.

Step 4

Write your answer at Total income or loss.

If your answer is a loss, print L in the LOSS box at the right of Total income or loss.

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