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Last updated 8 August 2012

For more information about this return of capital, refer to Class Ruling CR 2012/15 Income tax: Return of capital - UXC Limited. This is a ruling on the tax consequences arising from the bonus share plan.

For more information about the tax implications of owning shares, refer to:

  • You and your shares (NAT 2632) - this is for individuals investing in shares or convertible notes and offers guidance on the taxation of dividends from investments, allowable deductions from dividend income and record-keeping requirements for investors.
  • Guide to capital gains tax (NAT 4151) - this explains how capital gains tax works and will help you to calculate your net capital gain or net capital loss.
  • Personal investors guide to capital gains tax (NAT 4152) - shorter than the Guide to capital gains tax, this covers the sale, gift or other disposal of shares or units, distribution of gains from managed funds, and non-assessable payments from companies or managed funds.

For more information on non-assessable payments, refer to Non-assessable payments.

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