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Key events for Australian shareholders 2012-13

Contains links to documents about large company transactions which may impact a large number of Individual taxpayers.

Last updated 19 July 2017


This document contains links to documents about events affecting listed investments (shares, units and stapled securities) where a significant number of investors may be impacted.

Key events

View shareholder information on demergers.

Woolworths Limited – creating a new stapled security 2012 – A fact sheet on the tax consequences for Woolworths shareholders who received stapled units in SCA Property Group in the restructure of Woolworths in December 2012.

Separation of News Corporation from Twenty-First Century Fox, Inc.

CR 2012/52 Income tax: Gloucester Coal Limited – Special Dividend and Capital Return.

CR 2012/54 Income tax: scheme of arrangement – merger of Gloucester Coal Limited and Yancoal Australia Limited.

CR 2012/83 Income tax: proposed return of capital: Domino's Pizza Enterprises Limited.

CR 2012/88 Income tax: Little World Beverages Limited Scheme of Arrangement and Special Dividend.

CR 2012/121 Income tax: Woolworths Limited – creating a new stapled security.

CR 2012/123 Income tax: Yancoal Australia Limited – contingent value right shares.

CR 2013/8 Income tax: demerger of Enterprise Uranium Ltd by Enterprise Metals Limited.

CR 2013/18 Income tax: National Australia Bank Limited - issue of convertible preference shares.

CR 2013/23 Income tax: demerger of Talon Petroleum Limited by Texon Petroleum Limited.

CR 2013/24 Income tax: scrip for scrip: merger of Texon Petroleum Limited and Sundance Energy Australia Limited.

CR 2013/49 Income tax: Mirvac Group – capital reallocation.

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