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IT1 - Total reportable fringe benefits amounts 2013

Complete question IT1 to include any fringe benefits amounts you received from your employer.

Last updated 27 May 2013

This question is about reportable fringe benefits amounts that you received. Do not show any benefit less than $3,738.

Did you receive any reportable fringe benefits amounts of $3,738 or more?


Write 0 at W item IT1.



Read on.

Answering this question

You will need every PAYG payment summary - individual non-business and every PAYG payment summary - foreign employment you received that shows reportable fringe benefits amounts.

Completing your tax return

Step 1

Add up the reportable fringe benefits amounts shown on your payment summaries.

If a benefit amount shown on your payment summary is less than $3,738, do not include it. Check with your employer that the amount is correct.

Step 2

Write the total at W item IT1. If your total is 0, write 0 at W.

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