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IT6 - Net rental property loss 2013

Complete question IT6 to include the net loss from any rental property you owned.

Last updated 27 May 2013

This question is about the net loss, if any, from any rental property you owned.

This question is not about capital gains or capital losses from your rental properties.

Did you earn rental income, claim rental deductions or receive a partnership distribution that included rental income or losses?

No Write 0 at Y item IT6, then



Read below.

If you prepare your return electronically

If you prepare your return electronically, either using e-tax or through a tax agent, the IT6 amount will be calculated for you using other questions on your return. If you do not have an IT6 loss this label will show a zero.

You need to check any auto-calculated amounts carefully before you lodge your return.

Use the worksheet below to calculate the amount to write at IT6.

Completing your tax return

Step 1

Complete worksheet 2 to work out your net rental property loss.

Any loss amounts in worksheet 2 must be shown as negative amounts (including any totals).

At (c) write your share of net rental property income or loss from
the partnership tax return statement of distribution.

At (d) write the net income or loss from carrying on a rental property business which you take into account in working out the amount at Z item P8 of the Business and professional items schedule for individuals 2013.If this applies to you, then you must lodge your tax return using e-tax or a registered tax agent.

At (f) write the total of the low-value pool deductions relating to your rental properties that you included at item D6.

Worksheet 2


Net foreign rent (from R item 20)



Net rent (from item 21)



Share of net rental property income or loss



Net income or loss from rental property business



Add (a), (b), (c) and (d).



Total of the low-value pool deductions



Take away (f) from (e).



Step 2

If the amount at (g) in worksheet 2 is negative, (that is, a loss), write that amount at Y item IT6. Otherwise write 0 at Y.

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