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6 Australian Government pensions and allowances 2018

Complete question 6 to declare pensions and allowances received from the Australian Government.

Last updated 30 May 2018

This question is about the following Australian Government payments:

  • age pension
  • bereavement allowance
  • carer payment
  • disability support pension, if you have reached age-pension age
  • education entry payment
  • parenting payment (single)
  • widow B pension
  • wife pension, if either you or your partner was of age-pension age
  • age service pension
  • income support supplement
  • Defence Force income support allowance (DFISA) where the pension, payment or allowance to which it relates is taxable
  • DFISA-like payment from the Department of Veterans' Affairs (DVA)
  • Veteran payment
  • invalidity service pension, if you have reached age-pension age
  • partner service pension.

Do not include any Australian Government pensions or allowances that are not taxable, these should be shown at item IT3 Tax-free government pensions or benefits 2018; see Amounts that you do not pay tax on 2018.

Did you receive any of these payments?


Go to question 7 Australian annuities and superannuation income streams 2018, or return to main menu Individual tax return instructions 2018.


Read below.

Answering this question

You will need:

  • your PAYG payment summary – individual non-business, or
  • a letter from the agency that paid your pension, allowance or payment stating the amount that you received.

If you have not received this information, or you have lost it, contact the agency that paid you.

Completing your tax return

Step 1

Add up the tax withheld shown on each of your payment summaries and letters.

Write the total under Tax withheld at the left of B item 6.

Step 2

Add up the income shown on each of your payment summaries and letters.

Write the total at B item 6.

Tax tips

You may be entitled to a tax offset on this income. Make sure you work through question T1 Seniors and pensioners (includes self-funded retirees) 2018 to see whether you are entitled to a tax offset.

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