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Income questions 13-24

How to complete the income questions 13 to 24 in your paper supplementary tax return.

Complete question 13 to report income from partnerships and trusts.

Complete question 14 to report personal services income (PSI).

Complete question 15 to report income you derive or losses you incur from any business.

Complete question 16 to report deferred non-commercial business losses.

Complete question 17 to report net farm management deposits and withdrawals. Primary producers only.

Complete question 18 to report capital gains tax events, capital gains (income) and capital losses.

Complete question 19 to report your interests in foreign entities.

Complete question 20 to report foreign source income and foreign assets or property.

Complete question 21 to report rental property income and claim deductions.

Complete question 22 to report bonuses from life insurance companies and friendly societies.

Complete question 23 to report income from forestry managed investment schemes.

Complete question 24 if you have other types of income you need to declare in your supplementary tax return.

Complete the total supplement income or loss section in your supplementary tax return.