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Commissioner's end of year message

22 December 2020

To tax professionals, business owners and the Australian community,

On behalf of the ATO, I want to express my thanks for the role you have all played in helping us work through the challenges of 2020 together.

This year hasn’t been easy for any of us, and I know many of you have faced significant disruptions to your businesses and livelihoods. Amidst these difficult circumstances I’ve been impressed and deeply grateful for your resilience, collaborative spirit and readiness to engage with us.

Although we are all looking to the new year with hope, we know that many of you will continue to feel the impacts of the pandemic for some time. As we have seen in Sydney over recent days, circumstances can change quickly and it’s important we are prepared to respond to new changes as they emerge. As our clients you are our first priority, and we remain committed to providing you the support you need into 2021 and beyond. I hope you will be able to take some much-needed rest over the holiday break, and urge you to reach out if you or your clients need help. We will continue to respond with empathy and understanding during these challenging times.

At the ATO our core work relies on the participation and collaboration of our partners across the community, and I am proud that we were able to continue that tradition despite the challenges of 2020. I look forward to brighter days ahead, in which we will continue to work together to shape our tax and super systems in service of all Australians.

Have a happy, safe and relaxing holiday break.

Chris Jordan

Commissioner of Taxation