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  • Checklist

    You should consider the following checklist when working out whether your organisation is a public library, museum or art gallery:


    Is your organisation one of the following:

    • a registered charity
    • operated by a registered charity
    • an Australian government agency
    • operated by an Australian government agency?


    Is your organisation an entity (such as a corporation or trust) or does it have a separate institutional character?


    Is your organisation owned or controlled by a government or quasi-government authority, or by persons or an institution having a degree of responsibility to the public?


    Does your organisation make its collection available to the public?


    Do its constituent or governing documents clearly show that it is set up to be a library, museum or art gallery?


    From your organisation's activities, do other people recognise it as a library, museum or art gallery?


    Are these activities consistent with being a library, museum or art gallery?

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