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  • Access to super for members with a terminal medical condition

    You can release super benefits to a member if they have a terminal medical condition. A terminal medical condition exists if:

    • two registered medical practitioners have certified, jointly or separately, that the member suffers from an illness, or has incurred an injury, that is likely to result in the member's death within 24 months of the date of certification
    • at least one of the registered medical practitioners is a specialist practicing in an area related to the member's illness or injury
    • the certification period has not ended for each of the certificates.

    The certification period is 24 months from the date of certification.

    If they satisfy this condition of release, any benefits that have accrued up to that point become unrestricted non-preserved. Any additional benefits accrued by the member during the certification period also become unrestricted non-preserved benefits.

    These can be accessed as a tax-free super lump sum payment during the certification period. Any balances remaining after the certification period ends can be accessed at any time, but may not be tax-free.

    Any benefits that accrue after the certification period are not covered by this condition of release. Members should talk to you about what new certification may be required.

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