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  • Rollovers

    You must use the SuperStream Data and Payment Standards (SuperStream standard) when your member requests a rollover of their member benefits to another super fund. This includes where you are required to roll your member's benefits between APRA-regulated super funds, retirement savings accounts or self-managed super funds.


    The SuperStream standard does not apply in these circumstances:

    • When rolling to or from a non-complying fund.
    • Closed products – a product that doesn't receive any contributions or rollovers, but for which a member’s withdrawal benefit may be rolled over to another super entity.
    • Preservation components or asset drawdown for partial rollovers – these are dealt with under the default rules of the fund or instructions from the member.
    • Rollover amendments and cancellation – these are managed through other processes between the relevant parties.
    • In-specie rollovers – these can be managed through a process agreed between the parties.
    • Internal fund rollovers – these can be handled by appropriate accounting and registry entries.

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