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Accounts and payments

Instructions for specific functions under the Accounts and payments menu.

Last updated 6 June 2024

Accounts summary

With this function you can:

  • display a full account list for a client
  • download transactions
  • pay the outstanding accounts
  • filter accounts by account type (including an option to show closed accounts).

To view accounts summary:

  • select a client
  • select Accounts and payments then Accounts summary
  • a full list of all account details will show, including  
    • Account name – select to view the transactions for the account
    • Payment reference number – for accounts that can receive payments
    • Overdue – if blank the account has no overdue amount, is closed or insolvent
    • Balance – may include amounts that aren't due yet
    • Payment options or voluntary repayment link – select to go to payment options
    • Payment plan – will display if there is a payment plan for income tax, activity statement, SG director penalty, super guarantee employer and fringe benefit tax accounts
  • select Filter to filter by Account type – for Account type groups that have more than 5 accounts use the drop-down menu to view all accounts
  • select Print friendly version to print or save the account summary
  • to view closed accounts select Show closed accounts at the top left-hand corner. This option will only display if there are closed accounts.

For activity statement accounts you can:

  • select the Tax type summary hyperlink to review the net annual revenue product liability based on an income tax year
  • filter by Income tax year – select a date range to provide a list of transactions processed on the account. The download function is currently unavailable when the income tax year filter option is selected. Print using the print-friendly or browser print functionality.

To view account transactions:

  • at accounts summary select Account name then Filter to filter and sort transactions by  
    • Date range – From and To
    • Processed date – the date we have finalised processing and update the account
    • Effective date – the date a refund is sent or for a debt, when the payment is due
    • Newest date or Oldest date – the order of the transactions
  • select Download. A new window will open with the results in a CSV or HTML format – you can print or save a copy
  • select Payment options to make a payment or Payment plan view to view or make a payment plan.

You can also view our View and print an account balance video.

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