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Tax accounts

You can view all tax accounts for your client.

Last updated 3 October 2023

To view your client's transactional history, amounts owing and the account balance:

  • select a client
  • select Accounts and payments then Tax accounts
  • select Tax type summary link to view a summary
  • select Print friendly version to print or save the tax accounts
  • select an account to view transactions, then select
    • Download to print or save in HTML or CSV
    • Filter to sort specific transactions by Choose date, Income tax year, Processed or Effective dates and date range
    • Payment plan to view or make a payment plan
    • General interest charge (GIC) calculator
  • select how many results to show using the drop-down menu.

Your client may have more than one account related to activity statements. Each account will have a 3-digit account sequence number, for example, 001, 003, 010. These sequence numbers are viewable in Tax accounts. They may be referred to as client activity centre (CAC), Integrated Client Account (ICA), a Branch or Activity statement account.