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Client summary

Access and action functions for your clients in the Client summary screen.

Last updated 3 October 2023

Client summary screen functions

You can access and action functions for your clients from one central location in the Client summary screen. From here you have options on how to get to specific functions from the menu – For action or Quick links.

Description of functions on the Client summary screen

Image of the Client summary page in Online services for agents. It shows eight sections with a number. These correspond with the listed numbers and features in the text after this image.

  1. Search
  2. Practice menu
  3. Add favourite client
  4. Client menu
  5. For action
  6. View or lodge – for income tax you can view the return for activity statements you can view or lodge. If you select Lodge you'll go to the relevant function to prepare and lodge.
  7. Payment plan in place
  8. Quick links
  9. Customise quick links

For action

The For action section is a snapshot of the client’s lodgment and payment obligations. It displays all due and overdue lodgments and outstanding payments for the selected client.

The Lodgments and Payments sections each display up to 3 obligations. If more than 3 obligations are due or overdue, an option to see other pages will display. You can select the links to the actions relating to lodgment or payment.

If you select Lodge, View or Payment options you'll be taken to relevant function to complete the action or view the details.

For a consolidated view of all accounts you'll need to view the relevant account or the Accounts summary.

You can only view lodgment and payment reminders for the accounts you're authorised for.


Lodgment information includes:

  • Account
  • Description
  • Due date of the lodgment.

There is a link to view the lodgment.

Accounts available are:

  • Income tax
  • Fringe benefits tax
  • Activity statement
  • PAYG instalment notice
  • Excise and Excise equivalent goods
  • GST joint venture.

The relevant account will display only if there's an overdue or upcoming lodgment.


Payment information includes:

  • Account
  • Description
  • Balance
  • Status of the payment.

There's a link to payments options.

From this screen a payment plan indicator will display if the client has an active payment plan for the account.

The quick links section lets you add and use links to access the most frequently used functions while managing your client. There are 8 quick links already set in the client summary. You can customise these for each client.

Select Customise quick links then select or deselect the Function.

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