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Income tax

View details of your client's income tax history and the progress of their tax return.

Last updated 3 October 2023

You can view details of your client's income tax history and the progress of their tax return.

The status and outcome of the return is updated in real time.

You can view:

  • tax return due dates
  • progress of tax returns received by us
  • details of previously processed tax returns
  • copies of each year's notice of assessment.

To view returns lodged:

  • select a client
  • select Lodgments then Income tax
    • Informational message (if applicable)
    • Pending ATO amendments will be displayed with a link to the Amendment for tax returns from 2020–21 onwards that need to be processed
    • selecting the link will navigate you to the Pending ATO Amendment screen. Then you can review
      • Lodged income on tax return and Third-party income that we have received for the client
      • Total estimate of additional tax to be paid
    • Select an option to
      • agree with amendment
      • disagree with amendment
      • go to dropdown arrow and select reason for disagreeing
      • then attach supporting evidence
      • Submit – the amendment will be processed
  • the amendment will automatically be processed after 28 days if you take no action
  • at Not lodged tab, due and overdue lodgments will display with the due date or 'No tax returns are due at this time'
  • select History to view the following details
    • tax returns from 2009–10 onwards. Information from 2004–05 will also appear if the returns were lodged after 1 January 2010
    • assessment type
    • status – will show the progress of the return outcome
    • view details
  • notice of assessment for individuals.

If a tax return is lodged early, before the end of the relevant financial year, it won't display in the history until after 30 June.