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Non-lodgment advice

View and submit non-lodgment advice for eligible financial years.

Last updated 3 October 2023

Non-lodgment advice is used to notify us that a return isn't necessary or further returns aren't necessary. It is only available when your client isn't required to lodge a particular tax return or aren't required to lodge any future tax returns.

This function will:

  • display eligible financial years for non-lodgment advice
  • automatically process the non-lodgment advice
  • provide real time validation.

If your client is not eligible for non-lodgment advice, details will be available about what lodgment is required.

To submit a non-lodgment advice from the client or the agent home page:

  • select a client
  • select Income tax then Not lodged
  • select A return is not necessary.

To complete the non-lodgment advice, you must either:

  • select the relevant eligible financial years
  • select All if all years are eligible.

If your client is no longer required to lodge you can submit Further returns not necessary (FRNN):

  • for the current year select Client has no obligation to lodge future income tax returns
  • previous years will require either a non-lodgment advice or lodgment
  • select the Declaration then Submit
  • the receipt will display
  • select Print friendly version to print or save a copy.

You can also view our Submit a non-lodgment advice in Online services for agents video.